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Introducing the "Solar Wedge"

Solar Wedge
  • Core basis for serious "DOE Challenge Home" certification and/or Passive-Solar heating enhancement
  • Principal living on one level with optional "LOFT ZONE" built into trusses (Baby-Boomer downsizing/retirement living)
  • Planned Model Home/actual retirement home example*** has 1536 sq. ft. main plus 373 sq. ft. in lofts (total living space = 1909 sq. ft.)
  • Aggressive, yet practical, Passive Solar implementation (almost 1 BTU ton of Passive winter gain)
  • Model Home version planned highlights:
    • Only eight WEDGE trusses on 64" centers (24' long, 4/12 roof pitch), footprint = 24' x 64'
    • SIP wall construction (8" thick, R33...can be increased for northern regions)
    • Roof construction is EPS foam panels on 2x6 T&G decking & top sheathing (R40, can be SIPs & increased "R")
    • Only 17 total, triple-pane windows (14 on South, 3 on North, none on East & West)
    • Excellent day-lighting result with five of south windows in "clerestory/loft" position
    • HVAC system is triple indoor/single outdoor "ductless mini-split" system (about 1 BTU ton needs)
    • ERV fresh air exchange system
    • EnergyStar rated lighting (CFL & LED) & appliances
    • Monthly energy usage target at 500-600 KWH range
    • Expected HERS rating in the 45-55 range (without Passive Solar component factored in)
    • Addition of just 12 PV Solar panels (3000 watt DC) = about 2/3's of average monthly energy usage
    • Mainly brick exterior, with cement-based trim
    • Concrete tile roofing
    • Construction budget in the $100 per sq. ft. range (southeast USA, north Georgia)

*** Planned Model Home construction in mid-2014, follow real-time video "HOW-TO" segments on www.SelfMadeHomes.com

For more information contact: ART SMITH, LEED AP
706-669-1286 - 6455 Mount Pisgah Road --- Ellijay, GA 30540