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Building Todays Green Home - Book Cover

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"Ever since I designed and built my first passive-solar home near Atlanta in 1980, and, more recently, client’s homes that I have designed, I have been told that I was too “far ahead”. I was told that “We don’t build homes that way around here. Curb appeal only is what sells houses.” I was advised that homes had to be large to be good. Many of these suggestions were just the current trends or fads. But, what is real now? Our global warming and rising costs situation are not just passing, they are the future reality.
Building green should not be just the latest fad — it is a wise thing to do. At this phase of life of the American baby-boomers, I believe we have arrived at a crucial crossroads. We can choose to be smart or we can choose to leave a mess for our children."

Art Smith, Introduction to "Building Today's Green Home"
Courstey of F+W Publications

For more information contact: ART SMITH, LEED AP
706-669-1286 - 6455 Mount Pisgah Road --- Ellijay, GA 30540